Blue Pansy Botanical Mug | Enamel Mug

Blue Pansy Botanical Mug | Enamel Mug

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Blue Pansy Botanical Enamel Mug is the perfect gift for the flower lover in your life. This mug features a watercolour illustration of a Blue Pansy on both sides of the mug. The centre of the mug features the common name, Latin name and a brief description of a folklore belief related to Pansies.

This durable yet pretty enamel mug holds 12 ounces of your favourite beverage. Great for indoor and outdoor activities, take it out with you in the garden with no risk of breaking it, or bring it with you on your next camping trip. This sturdy and stylish cup is perfect for coffee, tea or even your morning cereal in the wild or at home.

Production and shipping on this product take about 2 weeks. Please keep in mind if you are ordering this as a gift.

Exact text on the mug:


Viola tricolor 

The word “pansy” is derived from the mid-15th century French word “penser,” which means to think or ponder. Blue pansies are known to symbolize loyalty and honesty.

Enamel Mug Details:

.: 12oz (0.35 l)
.: Lightweight stainless steel
.: Rounded corners
.: C-handle