How to use Stick Drawings for Quick & Easy Botanicals

Do you feel the urge to capture the beauty of nature as it changes throughout the year?

Maybe you get frustrated because you want to capture the beauty of so many plants and flowers but you don't have time to paint numerous botanical portraits every month?  You are not alone!  I feel the same way, which is why I decided to develop a more relaxed approach to my botanical painting. 

I wanted to capture more, and create beautiful wild looking spreads of flowers and plants!  Like a tangle of buttercups along the side of a trail, or wild roses climbing up a tree trunk. 

There is not always enough time for a precise drawing and layer upon layer of washes! Is there a need to make huge production of every painting? No, we simply want to express the beauty of nature in watercolor! If you feel the same way, then you will really enjoy this video!  I show you how I create a stick drawing and paint a buttercup portrait in ONLY 20 mins.