Watercolor Botanicals for Beginners


Taking Watercolor Botanicals for Beginners will help you learn all the basic watercolor techniques you need to create botanical paintings in LESS TIME compared to traditional methods.

You will learn watercolor fundamentals as well as NEW time saving techniques to help you create beautiful botanical paintings in as little as 1 hour. 

Let's Get Started!

Course Introduction
Course Materials
Color Mixing

My Paint Palette Tour
Basic Tecniques 1
6 Easy Watercolor Leaves

 7 Watercolor Flower Shapes
Time Saving Techniques
Eucalyptus Project
 Fall Berries Project
Clematis Project

PDF Resources:

Materials List

Color Guide

Eucalyptus Project Guide

Fall Berries Project Guide

Clematis Project Guide

For more information about my paint brushes, check out this blog post. I go over which brushes I use, where I buy them, how I care for them, and when I switch brush sizes during a painting. 

For more flower painting inspiration and instruction, check out my downloadable Wild Rose Painting Guide here.

Thank you so much for taking Watercolor Botanicals for Beginners! I hope you enjoyed it. Sign up for updates on new paintings and online classes here.



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