The Watercolor Hummingbird Series

I hope these new paintings bring you some joy and inspiration. I have been practicing refining my technique and approach to painting birds.  

My goal is to go through the same steps each time I create a painting to take out the guess work of creating something new.

Nothing worse than being excited about creating a painting and then getting stumped on what to do next or what type of wash to use to create the effect you want. It stalls the entire painting process!

The next hummingbird I plan to paint is an Anna's Hummingbird, a native species here in British Columbia.

Below is an Allen's Hummingbird (native to california and the oregon coast)

Below is a White-Necked Jacobine. This is a hummingbird native to South America

As I continue on with my hummingbird series I will add new species and create blog posts to show you my process as well. 

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