Mungyo 48 Pan Watercolour Palette Review & Demo

Here's the link if you want to purchase the 48 pan Mungyo watercolor set on Amazon:

This is my favourite set of half pan watercolours. The selection of colours is very diverse and the quality of the paint is excellent for the price point.

My colour review and chart for this palette are posted on YouTube here:

If you would like a smaller set here are the link for the 24 pan and 12 pans sets ass well.

This is a great set to start off with for a little less cost than the 48 pan set.

A perfect mini set to start with just the fundamental colours, or use this as a compact travel set to take on the go.



This a fun little set of speciality pastel colours! This is a great way to experiment and try out with loose watercolour floral painting!


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