Birds & Animals of the Marsh

Today I thought I would share with you some images I took late fall/winter of 2019. I went for quite a few walks throughout the fall at a marsh and bird sanctuary near my home. I'd just bought a used Canon Powershot camera for filming my painting tutorials at an alternate angle. I didn't realize that it has such a great zoom function on it!  I surprised myself with the pictures I was able to get of many of the birds that I saw on my walks.  This changed everything!

Since then I have been enjoying going for walks and looking for new types of birds and can finally get picutres of them that have enough detail in them to use as a reference photo.  Just need to find the time to paint them now. Let me know if you know what type of sparrow I saw below in the comments.

Click on the images to see a larger version and the caption with the name of the bird/animal.


  • Thank you so much everyone for the lovely comments, I am so glad the pictures bring you such joy. I will be posting many more, I take so many pictures and for some reason never really shared them before. So glad that we can find a bit of beauty and joy together during such a challenging time..

    Laura Ashton
  • Thanks for sharing your bird photos! It’s so exciting to try out a new camera and bonus if it has features you didn’t know about. My Petersons Field Guide calls your sparrow a Golden Crowned- Gold, Yellow- same thing right? (: I’d really like to try painting the Heron.

  • Lovely photos Laura!

    Cydney Higgins
  • Astounding photography! It is so timely and helpful to remember the good things around us. I am amazed you found such a
    variety of subjects in one area.

    Nancy Romaine
  • Thank you for sharing photos from your walks. They definitely lifted my spirits. Hope all is going well for you and your loved ones—looking forward to seeing more of your art work.


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