This month we are gong to paint a branch of Salmonberries (Rubus spectabilis). These are my favorite berries to collect ad eat in the wild and remind me of my early childhood eating them in the old growth rainforests of Northern Vancouver Island. This project is completed in my sketchbook on 140lb fluid paper and takes a more relaxed approach though we do add in more detail at the end. There is no line drawing for this project as I show you how to paint this from a very simple stick drawing at the beginning of part 1.

 Mindset TIP: Remember that even though your first layer may not look like a finished painting or realistic enough, you will be adding more detail in step 2 and 3 so keep going :)
Reference Photos

 Reference photo credits: (Environmental Youth Alliance & Alaska Floats my Boat)

Paper 140lb cold pressed paper by Fluid
Brushes  # 6 or 4, #2, and #0/2 round brushes 
  • Permanent violet + pyrrol red
  • Permanent yellow orange + lemon yellow
  • Permanent yellow orange + pyrrol red
Leaves & Stem


  • Sap green 
  • Sap green + permanent yellow orange
  • Sap green + permanent yellow orange + neutral tint
  •  Light red + neutral tint + permanent violet




Please upload your project here if you would like feedback on your work during our next member's only watercolor workshop.

Please note that each student can submit one assignment for feedback per month.