Welcome to the August full-length lesson!  This month we are painting red poppies. Poppies are one of the August birth month flowers. This lesson comes together very quickly and you can watch the entire video in less than 20 mins! You can still have fun in the sun and achieve your botanical painting goals!

Mind Set Tip: Take note of where the light and dark areas are on the reference material. Try to dilute your color as you move towards painting the lightest areas.  For example pick up some milky red paint on your brush to paint the darkest area of the petal and then dip your brush in water, dab it lightly on paper towel to remove some color and continue painting into the lighter area to achieve a lighter tone of the same color.  Take note of I how I do this while watching the video lesson.

PDF Format Files:

Download the reference photo for the Poppy here.

Download the line drawings for the Poppy here.

Download the Poppy finished painting reference here.

JPEG Format Files:

Download the reference photo for the Poppy here.

Download the 8.5 x 11 line drawing for the Poppy here.

Download the 5 x 7 line drawing for the Poppy here.

Download the Poppy finished painting reference here.

Colors used in this lesson:

I used 4 mixes to paint the flowers in this lesson, here is a breakdown of the colors.


  • Scarlet lake
  • Pyrrol red (similar to Winsor red)
  • Alizaron crimson
  • Alizaron crimson + Permanent violet

Flower Centers:

  • Neutral tint + a bit of light red
  • Neutral tint, light red, and a touch of permanent violet
  • Cobalt green + sap green
  • Cobalt green + sap green ad a touch of lemon yellow
  • Cobalt green + sap green + Neutral tint

Poppy Lesson


Please upload your project here if you would like feedback on your work during our next Zoom coaching session.

Please note that each student can submit one assignment for feedback per month.