Welcome to the April 2023 full length tutorial!  This month we are painting a daffodil, which is the birth flower for March (this lesson is posted in April as I was moving to a new home in March).

 Mindset TIP: When you are trying out a new technique like under-painting it can be a bit overwhelming. You can take the stress out of the process by trying it out in your sketchbook or on a scrap piece of paper first. Allow yourself to explore and make mistakes so you can feel more relaxed while creating your final painting. You don't even have to paint the entire painting in your sketchbook, just practice the technique enough so you feel more confident about trying something new.


Paper 140lb cold pressed paper by Fluid
Brushes #2, and #0/2 round brushes + 1/4 in. synthetic chisel brush
Flowers French ultramarine + light red
Lemon yellow
Gamboge nova
Permanent yellow orange
Leaves Cobalt green + sap green + neutral tint
Cobalt green + sap green +  MORE neutral tint
Sepal New gamboge + raw sienna + burnt umber


Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.