Welcome to the October 2022 lesson. This month we are painting the October birth flower, a marigold. I have selected a darker colored flower to paint as this color can often be tricky to paint. When you first paint this color on it can look faded out but it can also be easy to over paint and end up looking flat. I hope that you gain the confidence to tackle a tricky color like this during the lesson.

 Mindset Tip: Even though you may not be happy with how your first washes look, keep going and be kind to yourself.  Let the 3-step method guide you through the sometimes awkward first stages of your painting.


Printable Resources 

Download the reference photo for the Marigold here.

Download the line drawings for the Marigold here.

Download the Marigold finished painting reference here.


Download the reference photo for the Marigold here.

Download the 8.5 x 11 line drawing for the Marigold here.

Download the 5 x 7 line drawing for the Marigold here.

Download the Marigold finished painting reference here.


Paper 140lb cold pressed paper by Fluid
Brushes #4, #2, and #0/2 round brushes
  • Permanent alizaron crimson + permanent violet + light red
  • Same as above but darker with more violet
  • Permanent alizaron crimson + light red
  • gamboge nova + permanent yellow orange
  • gamboge nova
  • Leaves
  • Sap green + cobalt green
  • Sap green + gamboge nova
  • Sap green + cobalt green + cobalt blue
  • Sap green + cobalt green + cobalt blue + neutral tint

    Part 1.

    Part 2

    Please upload your project here if you would like feedback on your work during our next Zoom coaching session.

    Please note that each student can submit one assignment for feedback per month.