April Live Workshop on Zoom

 Here is the replay for the April Live workshop on Zoom.


  • NEW Daffodil class |12 months of Birth Flowers Series
  • What makes up a botanical illustration ex. dissections, enlargements, etc.
  • Best options for sketchbooks for botanical illustration and nature studies
  • Mother's Day Card demo - Botanical study style plant ID card of Red Dead Nettle
  • Botanical book club - Lone and Pine, Coastal Plant of British Columbia


here is the final study for you to have a look at. I accessed my painting after the session was over and decided I wanted to add a little more detail with pencil.  I added more roots with fine pencil marks and I actually went over some of the leaf margins in the main illustration with pencil to define the crenate margins more. You can combine pencil work with color, though it is recommended to add the paint first (let it DRY) and then the pencil so the graphite does not muck up your paint.



Cover photo credit: Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash