Botanical Book Club | General Information

Book Catalogue:

  • The Language of Flowers, written and illustrated by Odessa Begay. 
  • The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden 

New Updates on The Botanical Book Club:
  • We will have our discussions on the Botanical Book Club (BBC) at the end of our monthly live workshops (formerly called group coaching sessions).
  • You are encouraged to post any thoughts you have on the books on our Facebook group page as well!
  • If you try a painting out of any of the books for practice we would love to see it!
  • You can follow along with any or all of the books posted in the BBC section of The Watercolor Garden.
  • They are not required material for anyone but are listed here for inspiration and discussion ideas.
  • Laura will periodically add to the book catalogue.
  • You can focus on the same book for as long or as little as you like.
  • Any of the book in the catalogue can be discussed.