Wild Rose - 50 Watercolor Flowers Project (9)

My latest addition to the 50 Watercolor Flowers project is the Wild Rose painting.  I love these simple and delicate roses, they usually bloom in June. I actually prefer them over the cultivated varieties you find these days. I tend to prefer the old english roses, climbing roses and of course the wild roses.  This is painting number 9 of 50 in the series.

I am using this illustration on my wedding invitations, along with some dusty miller, and eucalyptus which I still need to paint. I sure hope my wedding can still happen this year! It's hard to say with COVID 19 when we will all be able to go back to normal and socialize, it would be hard to have a wedding with no people and no food.  So I have prepared myself to have to postpone it if need be, at least I will have my lovely invitations ready. Worse things are happening in the world right now. So for now I will focus on creativity and the beauty of nature.

(Below) Wild Roses shown as an enlarged print

Here are some images taken during the painting process.


  • Thank you so much for the great feedback Janet, it really motivates me to continue to create content! there have been so many people that have had to re-schedule weddings this year, my heart goes out to everyone.

    Laura Ashton
  • Laura, thank you for being so generous with this project. I certainly am going to take advantage of it. I love it too. I’m with you on the climbing roses and wild roses. So beautiful and fragrant. I have a friend who has had to postpone her wedding but the invitations were sent, venue planned, etc. Now we all wait. Thanks for helping to make our life a little more beautiful with you amazing watercolors. I absolutely love them! Take care and paint on!

    Janet Copeland

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