Pansy - 50 Watercolor Flowers Project (6)

Pansies are one my favorite spring flowers. This is painting number 6 of 50 in the series. They are some of the first bright little blooms to show themselves after the cold of winter starts to become milder.

In this picture you can see some of the colours I mixed up for painting the pansy, as well as copy of the transferred drawing taped up on my desk light.

I always have my transfered drawing to look at when I am painting the first layers onto my painting since the lines can be quite faint when the drawing is transfered on the watercolor paper from the tracing paper.

Here is a progress picture of the Pansy painting. I didn't take many pictures of this one  in progress as it was before I decided to make a blog post for each painting. the photo above shows the first layers of wet-on-wet washes on the flowers. I have the rest of the drawing covered up with a paper towel so I don't smudge it while painting the flowers.

Watch the sped up version of me painting the entire pansy here:


 Here is the finished painting of the pansy!  I am thinking of using this same drawing a trying the painting out again using different colours just for fun.  It save a lot of time to reuse a drawing!

Check out my 50 Watercolor Flowers Painting Project post to see a list of the 50 flowers I will be painting and posting about for this project. As I complete each painting I make a blog post about it and link it in this main post.

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