Geranium - 50 Watercolor Flowers Project (1)

Vibrant red Geraniums represent summer for me! This is the first flower portrait I created for the 50 Watercolor Flowers Project. I love how long geraniums bloom, if you deadhead them they will bloom all the way until the forst frost in fall.

This is the first painting I created in the 50 Watercolor Flowers series. 

I used a few different reference photos for inspiration, here is one of them. For the flowers I used mostly Scarlet Lake by Winsor and Newton with a bit of Winsor red mixed in. For the shadows and darker areas I used alizaron crimson.

Check out my 50 Watercolor Flowers Painting Project post to see a list of the 50 flowers I will be painting and posting about for this project. As I complete each painting I make a blog post about it and link it in this main post.

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  • Hi, Im in Australia & wondering what I need to do to be able to follow the full length geranium tutorial ??. Do you have Patreon ?. Im not very good with techno….blogs..etc etc.
    I love your method and would love to learn from you.

    Lindy Hawthorne

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