Foxglove - 50 Watercolor Flowers Project (15)

Painting number 15 in the my 50 watercolor flowers series! Only 35 more paintings to go! Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to watercolor painting.

Foxglove is one of the common names for Digitalis purpurea, these flower can also be found in white and sometimes yellow! Foxgloves symbolize both positive and negative connotations . They are said to both heal and hurt, and in The Language of Flowers, they are often associated with insincerity. In folklore, it was said that picking a foxglove would offend fairies.


I have made a video showing some of the proces of how I paint this Foxglove. See how I approach this painting with my 3-step painting method and show you how this watercolour botanical painting comes to life. I will be making this foxglove painting into a full-length real time video class as well!  

CLCIK HERE for a notification for when the full-length Foxglove course is available online.


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