Anemone - 50 Watercolor Flowers Project (2)

I love Anemone these flowers so much, I have only bought them from the florist a few times but it was well worth it each time, and they lasted in the vase for quite a few days. This is painting number 2 of 50 in my 50 Watercolor Flowers Project.

I love nothing more than having a little bit of free time on the weekend end to go out just to look at the flowers in floral shops or at garden centers and perhaps buy a few stems of something new to admire and paint.

Anemones are delicate flowers that come in ranges of white, cream, and various shades of pink and purple. Their petals almost seem to be iridescent! Watercolor is a wonderful medium to use to paint the subtle color variations of these flowers while capturing how they seem to glow in the light.

I used mixes of carbozle violet, quinacridone rose and French ultramarine blue to paint these petals. In the areas of shadow I also added some moonglow. All the color listed ablove for this project are Daniel Smith. I used my 3-step painting method for the petals and main stem. For the leaves I used Winsor and Newton olive green with some sap green and used my 1-stroke painting method to paint them.  This is a great way to paint complex delicate smaller shapes.

Check out my 50 Watercolor Flowers Painting Project post to see a list of the 50 flowers I will be painting and posting about for this project. As I complete each painting I make a blog post about it and link it in this main post.

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